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The Bucknell Men’s Squash Team is a collegiate club that competes within the College Squash Association (CSA). It is a winter sport with practices beginning in the fall. Practices are usually held 4-5 days a week with conditioning done on the other days. The team roster typically ranges from 10 to 20 players with the top seeded 10 traveling to scheduled events. Tournament play begins in November and concludes in late February at the CSA Squash Team National Event.


10/21 @ Richmondvs Richmond
vs UVA
11/5 – Home Matchvs Lehigh
11/11-11/12vs Fordham
vs BU
vs Georgetown
vs Navy
1/17 @ Haverfordvs Haverford
vs Vassar
2/9-2/11 @ PhiladelphiaNationals